8 Things You Should Never Wear – Fashion Ideas

Go out with the garbage and with the class. With the end of winter, it is time to free your wardrobe of things too often worn by too many girls. This list contains items you should avoid wearing for the days when you strive to look good.

1. Jeggings




Go, girls. I know you’re better than the jeggings. At first, they were innovative. You must wear your PCs and jeans at the same time. But you can find a bad pair of jeans with a drawn zipper line and pockets a mile away. Better than jeggings and put on pants.

2. UGG boots


UGG boots


I will defend this statement until the day of my death: you are not in fashion when you wear these monstrosities. They were a bad idea in last few years, and they certainly are not a good idea now, especially when combined with shorts.

3. Longchamp bag


Longchamp bag


For those of you who think nylon is a super chic material, I’m sorry to say that. I understand that these durable bags contain everything you need for a full day’s course, but too many girls walk around with one hand in one hand and a thin latte in the other.

4. Everything with a high-low-hem


Everything with a high-low-hem


It was cool at first, but Billy Ray Cyrus must stop. I can not even go shopping without at least five of these “mermaid dresses” on the shelf. Either you decide on a cocktail length or a maxi dress – nothing in between.

5. Stack of friendship bracelets




Are you a schoolboy in the summer camp asleep? Born? Yes, that’s what I thought. These rainbow wool bracelets are young and they must stop ruining your outfits. How about a watch or an armband for adult women?

6. Cumbersome shoes

I’m guilty of owning them, but it’s time for me to throw my battered couple too. First of all, they are guys shoes. So, if you want to dress up as your husband, then do it. But if not, save these dock jumpers for men Vineyard Vine Wear.

7. Bandage dresses


Bandage dress



I want to wear exactly the same thing as every girl at the party – no fashionable girl has ever said. The bandage dresses became the uniform of the party clothes. There is nothing unique about her; You just look like an ASS bandage soaked in a first aid box in which you wrapped yourself. Yes, it accentuates our curves, but many of them can accentuate the wrong turns.

8. Sweatpants with words on the ass

Everyone had hit these neon sweatpants at school with the words “PINK” or “JUICY” on the back. The keywords in this sentence were: High School. Ladies, we are basically a step away from the professional world, it’s time to let go and toss the closet out of the days when our mothers were still driving us around.

I apologize if this list insults anyone, but it is for the good of all. I’m just trying to find my fashion colleagues. If you do not agree with my list, or if you have other things that people should stop wearing, comment on them below.


Famous Wedding Dresses by Fashion Designers – Fashion Design

Wedding bells are a reminder of jubilation, camaraderie, new beginnings and fashion! This is even truer when it comes to a celebrity wedding where the costumes are designed by the best creative minds in the industry at every step of the wedding event.

The hype surrounding celebrity weddings is causing a sensation in the media. These are the names of fashion designers who design wedding clothes for honeymooners. If the opportunity and profile of celebrities are so important, professionals come with their best skills in fashion design.

There are some examples of great celebrity wedding dresses that can be reference points for students who are fashion design courses. These elegant and memorable wedding dress pieces have gained popularity around the world and are therefore interesting to discover.

Let’s take a look at some of the famous wedding dresses of famous fashion designers.
1. Marchesa

Marchesa – wedding dress design

Marchesa is a New York-based brand specializing in high-end women’s clothing. Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig founded the company in 2004. Their main clients are Penelope Cruz, Blake Lively, Leighton Meester, Jennifer Lopez, Cameron Diaz, Kate Hudson, Selena Gomez, Halle Berry, Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Emma Watson, Eva Longoria, Olivia Wilde, Kirsten Stewart, Nikki Reed and Sandra Bullock. It is sold in upscale department stores such as Bergdorf Goodman, Saks Fifth Avenue, Net-a-Porter and Neiman Marcus.

2. Vera Wang

Wedding dress designed by vera wang

Vera Ellen Wang is a former figure skater who now lives as a fashion designer in New York. She is popular for her collections of bridal gowns and haute couture bridesmaid dresses. She started as a fashion editor for Vogue magazine before moving to Ralph Lauren as director of design for a few years. She designed wedding dresses for celebrities and celebrities such as Alicia Keys, Mariah Carey, Victoria Beckham, Chelsea Clinton, Avril Lavigne, Jennifer Lopez, Sharon Stone, Jennifer Garner, Hilary Duff, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Holly Hunter, and Kate Hudson. Uma Thurman. , Kim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian. Michelle Obama was also known for wearing Wang’s creations. She even created black wedding dresses.

3. Reem Acra

Reem Acra I Am Beautiful.jpg
Reem Acra

Reem Acra is a fashion designer who comes from Lebanon. She started in 1997 with an elegant bridal collection. In 2003, she launched her Ready to Wear line. His creations are sold at some of the most exclusive retailers in the world, including Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue and Harvey Nichols. Her clients include royal families from different countries and celebrities such as Angelina Jolie, Halle Berry, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Beyoncé Knowles and Eva Longoria. Acra is known for its ethereal beading.

4. Sabyasachi Mukherjee

Wedding dress designed by Sabyasachi Mukherjee

The wedding outfits of Anushka and Virat Kohli were designed by the famous Indian fashion designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee. Anushka wore a pale pink lehenga with beautiful embroidery. The pink color was also chosen for Virat Kohli’s Rohseiherwanit. Apart from red, pink is a color traditionally used for weddings in India. Floral prints on the Lehenga and embellishment with silver-gold-metal threads, pearls and beads make the size and shine of the wedding. Virat Kohli wore a royal silk turban in true traditional style, with jewelry ornaments and feathers on top, which gave the wedding attire a special splendor.

5. Elizabeth Emanuel

Wedding Dress for Diana by Elizabeth Emanuel

A brilliant star of world history, Princess Diana, had her wedding dress designed by Elizabeth Emanuel to be both magnificent and royal. Diana wore an ivory silk taffeta and an antique lace dress with a 25-foot train.

The dress had a very 80s design, something that Diana herself appreciated. The dress was richly decorated with hand embroidery and sequins. He also showed 10,000 beads. The lace used in the dress was an antique artisan Carrickmacross top that belonged to Queen Mary, a notable mention of clothing.

The dress has created a fashion trend for wedding dresses that feature features like large puff sleeves and a full skirt.

The popularity of fashion has become very popular in the world of fashion and these are the best models of many years. Fashion design institutes use exquisite designs as guides and references for fashion design students.

Would not it be wonderful to design such extravagant wedding dresses? If you are an avid fan of such fashion, you should take a fashion design course and hone your skills in this type of clothing and others.

Fashion Designing : Tools For Fashion Design Students

A fashion design process has many phases, from idea and illustration to sewing and finalizing the collection. In these different phases, you work with a variety of tools.
Let us discuss these tools in the different fashion design processes.

Sketch / Illustration


The sketch gives a tangible artistic version of your design idea. The sketches provide a raw and illustrated an overview of how the garment will form, how the fit will be, and how the patterns will look on the garment.
At this point, a lot of things are drawn when you know how fashion design courses work at this stage.

Pencils and Markers

Drawing with pencils and markers

A selection of pencils in HB scale will help you create a well-drawn and well-presented illustration of clothing design.

The lighter B-Class pens create subtle contours. The focus on details can be achieved with the harder H-class pens. Fine black pens are a good alternative to details. While watercolors can add colors and art, markers. Copic markers and touch markers can add effects to the details of the artwork.

Paper Drawing Pad


At first, you can choose the normal printing paper to practice the illustration. However, markers can help you work with markers without propagation or loss of sharpness. Cartridge paper is perfect for all types of media.

Illustration Software

maxresdefault.jpgAfter drawing your designs on paper, you can scan and improve them using software such as Photoshop. The drawing can also be created with a digital tablet with a large selection of pens, creating a digital illustration.

Sample development/Production

Pattern making is one of the most important steps in making a garment. To create a pattern, you need the following tools:

Craft paper

Rainstorm-costume-diy-20.gifIt is the canvas of a designer to draw and perfect patterns before they are cataloged. Digital drawing programs are handy if you perfect them on paper.

Curved Hip

96083958ca7a31a7dae1e4f023ed2aee.jpgThe curve of the hip is a rule that helps draw human curves on paper. The ruler is slightly curved and imitates the natural curvature of a body.

“L” square

45c611df-6ab2-4471-8dd5-d7e8b76f31b2_1.c79de511d0386b26600f5c533ed90bda.jpegThe square rule “L” allows you to draw patterns in a straight line with respect to the edges. You can use it to create half-quarters, eighth, eighth, and thirty-second scales when drawing patterns.

French curve

712cZqZ377L._SL1500_.jpgThis rule is often used to draw cutouts, armholes, and sleeves. The ladder is designed specifically for the purpose and must be formed from the design classes of the mode to be used.

Tracing Wheel


It is used to seamlessly transfer garment paper patterns or vice versa. Using a double-sided shuttle paper placed between the paper and the garment, the sweeping wheel is passed over the pattern to be copied onto the garment.


The pattern notches are used to create small notches on the edge of the paper samples to indicate seam allowance and arrow and bend positions.


It is the process of positioning and attaching fabric such as chiffon over a dress form to obtain a garment design structure based on the designer’s artwork. To drape a garment, you need the following:

Dress Form


The form of dress consists of a layer of foam, cloth and hard plastic that mimics the shape of a human torso, male or female, used to put on and wear clothes. With the dress form, you can also try a finished dress.



One group is right to measure and get those annoying metric details!

Pins, pliers, and ribbons

These are used to tie the assembled design of pieces of muslin fabric. Tapes are used to create design marks.

Model review

Pattern classification increases or decreases the size of patterns to accommodate variations in size of a garment. This is an essential part of the curriculum in some of the best fashion design institutes in Pune. The tools you need in this process are:

The necessary rules include the types discussed in the paragraphs to make measurements for different areas of the garment.


71BsPYzfFHL._SL1500_.jpgYou need good fabric scissors to do the job. To ensure that each cut is accurate and adapted to the intended design.

Now that you have a list of important elements in your toolbox, why not start your design process? Check these tools when you venture into the different stages of fashion design. for fashion design training course visit INIFD Kondhwa.

How To Choose The Best Pattern For Your Body Shape

Now – a- days, fashion comes with so many affordable options. it’s easy for anyone to be fashionable. The only trick is to choose the right styles patterns, and prints for your body type. you can highlight all your best features.

Honestly, with so many options available, it’s a bit difficult to choose the right patterns and impressions for you. Not all models work for all body types. But if you know what looks good, putting on a flattering outfit is a breeze. So, here are some tips on how to choose the best pieces for your specific body shape.

Guidelines to follow:

Remember that patterns and prints can make your body size look smaller or larger. Large prints and horizontal stripes give more volume to your body.

1. Top hourglass body type

You are lucky!

They have the type of hourglass body that most women aspire to. The typical characteristics of an hourglass body shape are the chest and hips are well balanced, well-defined waist, shoulders slightly rounded.

Hourglass body shape dressing

The key to dressing a type of hourglass body is to accentuate the top and bottom of your body proportionately while emphasizing your height. Wide belts on shirts and dresses are a great way to show your figure. You can get an even more curved effect by adding a little volume to your upper and lower body proportionally, but always try to keep your balance as this is your best chance. They have big legs, so do not hesitate to play with skirt lengths.

Here are some options for the tops that accentuate your size and get the balanced look of your figure. Always look for belted tops, tops with banding or pinching at the waist, top tops, envelope style tops.

You can wear almost any stockings, as long as you connect them with the top right. You can find high waisted pants and pencil skirts, cut boot & straight leg pants, skirts that show off your big legs, skinny jeans and paired pants with a well-rounded top.

2. Apple Shape

Apple Shape dressings

If you have an apple shape, it means that your chest area is bigger than your hips. With this shape, you want to create a more balanced look. So, you must opt for patterns and prints that add more volume to your hips and reduce volume in the bust area.

The perfect models that you should use are the ones that are big and bright. Choose patterned pants and skirts, but add a monochrome top.

3. Fuller Bust


The pear-shaped age ego is the woman with a more complete bust. Advice for a pear shape and choosing a printed skirt or pants to make up for a top-heavy look. Wearing a pattern on the bottom in combination with a more neutral top provides a flattering balance.

4. Pear Shape

A pear-shaped body usually has wider hips and a smaller bust. As this shape is wider at the bottom, you need to select patterns and prints that reduce the volume in that area while adding volume to the chest area.

Pear-shaped dressing

The tops with large patterns, which are held in bright colors, are the best choice. Also, choose tops with horizontal straps to add volume to your chest. For down, opt for skirts and pants that have a solid color or small patterns, such as peas.

5. Petite


The height is not on your side, but that does not mean you cannot draw patterns. “Familiarize yourself with vertical stripes that extend your figure,”. Also note that vertical stripes give power and authority, which is a bonus when you have to present your self-confidence. If you do not have any scratches, stick to smaller patterns. “Remember that patterns with elements bigger than your fist will overwhelm your little frame”

6. Full Figured


With the shape of the straight body, your chest and hips are essentially the same sizes. The great thing about this form is that you can wear the most variety of patterns and prints.

Rely on bright colors and print from head to toe if you wish.

More tips

Height also plays a role in the selection of patterns and prints. When you’re small, it’s best to avoid big prints. On the contrary, opt for smaller patterns and impressions as they will not overwhelm your proportions. The mini-polka dots, as well as the fine vertical stripes, are the best options.

If you are tall, opt for beautiful patterns and prints. The bigger and bolder they are, the better.

So, you have it. You can now create patterns and prints while highlighting the shape of your body.

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How To Build A Brand As A Fashion Designer

In my opinion, to succeed in establishing a brand, it is necessary to know the financial potential as well as the state of mind of the Indian luxury consumer. This will help provide Indian consumers with the right product offerings and better deal with them. fashion design institute in Pune helps students build brand thinking. There are conventional ways to make a brand successful-

The brand must be “expansive”, which I really mean, that it should be full of innovation opportunities for the marketer and also to meet the different needs of luxury consumers. The best fashion design training course in Pune offered by the INIFD allows the aspirant to learn everything from studies to business.


The brand must tell a story as needed to distinguish itself from other brands. The story must be so powerful that the customer must act as he wants. The brand must be relevant to the needs of consumers, because it is necessary for a brand to meet these needs, whether for recognition or functional use. You have to go in the direction of the best fashion designing institutes in Pune to get detailed knowledge on the same thing.

The brand must be based on the values of the consumer; A brand that does not refer to the core values of the consumer society is unlikely to succeed because luxury goods are identified as luxury customers. This will make it difficult for the client to take over the brand in such cases. The fashion design institute in Pune meets the needs of the market by providing such talented designers to the industry. In this case, the name INIFDKondhwa comes first.

Fashion design training course

It is important to ensure that the brand awareness is always high so that the customer can spend more, but this can only happen when the customer and others around him perceive the brand as a luxury brand of first order. This can result from either association with the most successful celebrities or participation in elite events and promotions.

In my opinion, the best thing to gain greater margins is to add a personalized value to the luxury product line, custom goods will ensure that the customer feels that the brand has something more than the ordinary range of luxury products. You can also join your own brand by joining INIFDKondhwa, making it the best fashion designing institutes in Pune.

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