The Latest Technological Applications in Textile Design


Textile design is the process of creating designs for woven, knitted or printed fabrics or surface decorated fabrics. It manipulates the appearance of fabrics and other materials. Textile Design is a creative field that includes various methods of making textiles, fashion design and clothing. Textile designers work closely with fashion designers and interior designers.

Technologies for textile design

Different types of technologies used in textile design today are a day. Therefore, textile designers need to be made aware of the latest technologies. In this article, here are some important new textile design technologies.

The technology trends that will drive textile designing include:

  1. Computer-aided design (CAD) or Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM)
  2. Shape-memory applications in textile design
  3. 3D printing in textile design

1. Computer Aided Design (CAD) /Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM)


application of autocad in apparel
uses of CAD in textile designing


Computer Aided Design (CAD) has revolutionized textile design. Textile designers take advantage of CAD to visualize and see their imaginative design in its final form without producing a pattern. Customers can also give ideas for the design according to their needs.

As technology converges, CAD/CAM evolves into an integrated environment that drives the entire enterprise. CAD/CAM will no longer be used solely for design or production functions within the company, but will also be an integral part of the company’s intranet, supporting the sourcing, merchandising and marketing processes that will support the entire company. business.

Other applications of CAD/CAM in the textile design include:

  • Modularization

Proprietary software packages are a pluggable modular software solution that is highly targeted and designed to be easily integrated with existing custom or standard software.

  • 3D body scan

3D laser scanning, which is interpreted as accurate 2D surface patterns, becomes a viable unit in the industry. This technology will allow for an appropriate fit of the garment and lead to the end of mass production and excessive retail inventory. In the second generation, body scanners are associated with a video screen, which allows the customer to cut his virtually suitable clothing.

  • Mass customization

In the era of mass personalization, CAD/CAM technology will become a driving force in the sale and marketing of apparel.

2. Shape-memory applications in textile design

Shape memory materials (SMMs) are intelligent materials that can memorize activation and exposure to an external stimulus and restore a significant programmed deformation. The concept of shape memory fabric in textile design is new. The shape memory materials can be used for clothing, textiles as yarns, fabrics or fibers. Shape memory fibers can be implemented to develop smart textiles that respond to thermal stimuli. Although it has some applications such as bras and flame retardant laminates. But it also has better potential for textiles and apparel and related products. These products include shoes, various breathable fabrics, thermal insulation fabrics and plies, non-shrinking finishes for clothing, etc. These products can be manufactured with finishes, coatings, laminates, blends and other innovative structures.

3. 3D printing in textile design

3D printing has its roots in the production of simple plastic prototypes. In 3D printing, three-dimensional objects, one layer at a time, are built according to digital designs that are loaded into their memories. 3D printing revolutionized textile design. As technology continues to grow, its limits and costs will gradually decrease. The idea of mass-adapted design can come true with the use of 3D printing, which can reduce the problem of size and fit.


The latest technologies in textile design, which offer maximum flexibility and guarantee the quality and consistency of processes, are now necessary for the fashion designing industry. Some tools allow users to create an identical environment. Some may produce markers that are only one to two percent less effective than an experienced maker. The key to the future is compatibility. In order to maintain continuity and reduce problems, new systems should be created to absorb the old one & hiring a well-trained fashion designer from the best fashion designing institute will reduce training costs and guaranteed quality design will be expected from the designer.

Top 10 Career Opportunities for the Fashion Designers

Fashion design is a creative field that involves creative and innovative ideas and design. A fashion designer creates clothes, textiles, handbags, shoes, belts, and even jewellery. Fashion designing is considered by most young people and students of the current generation as a magical profession. Start drawing and drawing at the beginning of the class. Sketch the people around you. People with different styles and colours of clothes. Draw fashionable characters and learn to develop your instinct to put your ideas on paper.

As a designer, you must have basic knowledge and experience in clothing. Clothing planning training provides access to basic craft materials and knowledge as well as other specialties such as surface decorations and embroidery.




Most importantly, fashion designers may have customer needs that are obviously influenced by current style and trends, market forecasts and climate. The Indian market for partial clothing follows Western markets. The designer must keep track. The size of the dress, the fit, the style, the color, the texture and the material are so many reasons that designers spend more time in design and exploration. Knowledge of fabric, weaving, draping qualities, material, color, and design as well as changing trends are more important.

When it comes to fashion designers, they need creative, visual ideas and most importantly, communication.

Interested student fashion designers must have graduate degrees, postgraduate programs such as M.Sc., MBA, careers through standardized, quality-oriented institution that provides fashionable education in a systematic way.

Assistant Designer:

A junior designer is usually there to help the designer and is responsible for following the designer’s ideas, and his work may include creating a paper pattern or even sewing the sample himself. It also helps to conduct in-depth market research on trends, fabric selection, trimmings, retail visits, and more. To serve this position, specialized training in drawing, drawing, cutting, sewing, etc. It should also have an aesthetic sense of color and design.

Fashion Illustrator:

Nowadays, an exceptional artist who can draw freehand sketches of design ideas is a must sought by big houses and organizations. In a sense, a person who not only has creative sketching skills, but also a person with a high sense of fashion. Illustrators are sometimes called upon to discuss with customers, especially when new collections3 need to be introduced, and this position undoubtedly requires excellent communication skills and the ability to interact with potential customers.

Fashion coordinator:

On the one hand, the job of fashion coordinator is the most widespread in the industry, on the other hand, it is a highly competitive and glamorous work that requires a high level of creativity and excellent skills in communication.

Fashion Designers/Artist:

If you have an eye for the beautiful pattern on the fabric, a keen sense of color and a sense of fashion, then you can find the work of the print designer interesting.

Textile designers:

Textile designers create 2D patterns for patterns used in printed, woven and knit textiles. There are two main sectors of the industry: interiors (carpets and upholstery) and fabrics for clothing.

Fashion journalism:

Fashion journalism has a brilliant employment sector. However, it is progressing fast because it appeals to young people today in terms of glamor, luxury, and excitement. To respond to fashion trends and its impact on society, the need for exclusive articles and programs is felt.

Fashion modeling:

Modeling is better divided into two types: live modeling and photographic modeling. Live4 modeling is what we see in fashion shows, exhibitions, etc. and photographic modeling is for taking pictures of clothes. Therefore, no specific training is required to become a model, but you must have a very attractive personality

Instructor (Garments Manufacturing):

He is responsible for teaching the theoretical and practical aspects of garment making. He should have a thorough knowledge of the topics to be dealt with.

A career in Apparel Merchandising:

  1. Executive Trainees.
  2. Merchandiser (Domestic / Overseas)
  3. Production coordinator,
  4. Quality controllers,
  5. Fashion Retailer, Export Manager,
  6. Director of the exhibition,
  7. Manager in the buying agencies.
  8. Positions abroad with multinational companies.
  9. Manager (Costing & Production).

A career in Textile Designing:

  1. Textile designer.
  2. Embroidery designer,
  3. Silkscreen artist,
  4. colourist
  5. Weber,
  6. Consultant in Dying & Printing.
  7. Stoffanalysator,
  8. Laboratory Responsible Textile,
  9. Lecturer in textile schools.

Fashion design is a creative field that involves creative and innovative ideas and designs ie., creating clothes, textiles, handbags, shoes, belts even jewellery and much more. For every fashion designers, they should know about carrier opportunities for the bright carrier. To know more about fashion visit nearest fashion designing institute or contact the best fashion design experts for help!

Say Goodbye To These 10 Fashion Trends

We are so excited by this year’s new trend that will emerge in our lives. With so many hopes and aspirations for the new year, we are ready to follow the new trend in women’s clothing. Everyone is so excited by the fashion trends that will prevail in 2018 and is already discovering these trends among newcomers. But have you ever thought of trends that are not in fashion in 2018? If you’re not aware, be prepared to say goodbye to these fashion trends in 2018.



Last year, we all saw so many types of choker, choker, choker and decorated choker. But now the trend of chokers ends and we will see that it fades in 2018.

This year, we can see a lot of earrings more than pieces of neck to rock in 2018.

Bucket Hats



In 2017, bucket hats were a big trend and we saw so many divas who chose this as their hat for occasions and events. But this year, the hats will be over soon.

Baker’s boy hats and newspaper boys hats could be replaced this year. Take your head in front of the other girl today.

Lace-up Corset


Last year, the women were obsessed with the corset, we saw all the other girls show it. But his time also fades with time. New options for a defined size appear on the surface and the attention moves away from the corsets.

Now, there are several types of straps available on the market, such as double buckles, long straps, and several straps, and I’m sure you’ll find what you want.

Off Shoulder


Well, last year all the girls in the wardrobe wear dresses, tops and more. But now is the time to avoid it. Yes, you understood me well. Off-shoulder is apparently one of the overvalued outfits that we just do not want to see in 2018.

You can always choose the single shoulder and continue your relationship with her.

Millennial Pink


Next year is all about power play and Millennial Pink is too cute to survive this power of the pop era. Everyone wants his style to be nervous, daring and dramatic. It is time to say goodbye to all the millennial Rosa.

This year will see the power of bold colors. So, get some strong, dark roses and rock the year.

Plaid Print


Well, it’s not like that, we do not like this pressure, but in 2018, many new impressions will be made. It’s time to give other impressions a chance to shine. Keep your favorite tuna pieces in the wardrobe.

The reason for checking is for everyone and it will be hooked on everyone again. It was in vogue last year and you’ll find that this season’s plaid pattern appears on shirts, pants and even jackets.

Skater Sneakers


You do not have to start your favorite skater-inspired kicks, but this style will take precedence this year. Well, this type of sneaker style cannot be on the list of fashion trends.

The most famous soles that come to my mind are Triple Strainer from Balenciaga, and she’s definitely going to rock show.

Bomber Jackets


In 2017, the bomber jackets were the new pea coats, but if you check, you will find that this style of jacket has been redesigned. He saw in every print and every color, so get ready for something new and interesting.

This year, you should definitely try going out with a houndstooth blazer and it comes with a pantsuit.



The earrings were cool to wear on their first outing, but with the new trend of accessories in the spring, it’s no longer a piece to keep in your wardrobe.

For completely rock that era, try the earrings and necklaces inspired by the 80s.

Denim overalls


Well, jeans are never out of fashion but stop being lazy to have denim overalls because it’s the denim piece you will not see much of this year.

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3. Slow Stream
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5. Do armaDILLOS like quesaDILLAS?
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6. Thank GOD, it’s Friday
– by Afif Quilimo


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20 Feminist Pieces For International Women’s Day| Online fashion ideas


On March 8, women around the world celebrated Women’s Day. It’s great that we have a day like Women’s Day, especially a country like India, which has been completely ruined by many atrocities against women like rape, dowry, female genital mutilation, exploitation of women in the workplace and many others. As in many other countries, India’s Women’s Day is celebrated with similar enthusiasm. Many public and private organizations participate in various activities such as mass events, seminars, documentaries and television programs. The work of NGOs in the direction of women raising organized games sensitive to sex. The women’s march was the largest single-day event in US history last year, and when TimesUp’s feminist movements have proven something, women are refusing to remain silent. Keep up the momentum in 2018 and beyond by adding these 20 chic pieces to your wardrobe to remind you that women dominate the world.

1. Girl Power Sweatshirt


2. Power to the Polls Sweater


3. Femme Sawage T-Shirt




4. The Future Is Female Sweater


5. Legalize Equality Hoodie

Legalize Equality Hoodie

6. Strong Female Lead T-Shirt


7. Time’s Up Keychain


8. Girls Girls Girls Muscle T-Shirt


9. Girl’s Pin


10. You Don’t Own Me Sweater


11. Girls Girls Girls on Top T-Shirt


12. Girls with Dreams Become Women with Vision T-Shirt


13. Feminist Pin


14. Nasty Bracelet

Nasty Bracelet.jpg

15. Feminist Necklace


16. Be Heard T-Shirt

Be Heard T-Shirt.jpg17. History, She Wrote Scarf

History, She Wrote Scarf.jpg

18. Keep Rising Sweater

Keep Rising Sweater

19. The Future Is Female Morse Code Tank

The Future Is Female Morse Code Tank.jpeg

20. Rebel Rebel Beret


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8 Best Women’s T-Shirts With Feminist Slogan|Online fashion ideas


How do you see a men’s rights activists? Do not worry – he’ll tell you when he sees you wearing the outfits like a t-shirt with a slogan in support of equal rights for all people. To further push the basement Brad and Nick “Nice Guy” – and to support worthy things you’ve never bought – you will have to be in front of the 10 proud feminist t-shirts.

1.  Tee Fashion, $22


2. Madewell x Monogram, $65


3. Shrill Society, $25

<333, especially since Planned Parenthood represents 50% of the product.

Women's T-Shirts With Feminist Slogan

4. Bando, $43

Womens-T-Shirts With Feminist Slogan5. Feminist Apparel, $30

Here is the day when women can walk quietly down the street, which is still such a new idea that it’s crazy! Part of the product is backed by Hollaback.

Women's T-Shirts With Feminist Slogan1

6. Mixed Greens, $35

T-Shirts With Feminist Slogan.jpg

7. Everlane, $22

Everlane lenses, t-shirts are inflated by themselves, but this version is even more beautiful, with $ 5 from every purchase at the American Civil Liberties Union, so the president will not be the only one to tweet what’s he wants.

Women's T-Shirts With Slogan.jpg

8. Mesh Studio, $33

T-Shirts With Feminist Slogan 2018.jpg

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Get the Amazing Dress and Sneaker Look of Pernille Teisbaek| Fashion experts


Pernille Teisbaek was spotted during Copenhagen Fashion Week in one of the coolest spring trends: a midi dress printed with sneakers. She completed her Ganni dress and her Celine sneaker look with chic sunglasses, a cool jewelry mix, and a black mini-bag.

Get the look:

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24 Winter Outfits From Fashionista

Here is the next set of 24 outfits for this winter. You can check out previously held outfit ideas in the outfits category.

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1. View source of style

instagram 25

2. View source of style

instagram 24.jpg

3. View source of style

instagram 23.jpg

4. View source of style

instagram 21.jpg

5. View source of style

instagram 20.jpg

6. View source of style

instagram 19.jpg


7. View source of style

instagram 18.jpg

8. View source of style

instagram 17.jpg

9. View source of style

instagram 16.jpg

10. View source of style

instagram 15.jpg

11. View source of style

instagram 14.jpg

12. View source of style

instagram 13.jpg

13. View source of style

instagram 12.jpg

14. View source of style

instagram 11.jpg

15. View source of style

instagram 27.jpg

16. View source of style

instagram 26.jpg

17. View source of style

instagram 9.jpg

18. View source of style

instagram 8.jpg

19. View source of style

instagram 6.jpg

20. View source of style

instagram 3.jpg

21. View source of style

instagram 2.jpg


22. View source of stylesource of style

instagram 1.jpg

23. View source of style

instagram 28.jpg

24. View source of style

instagram 29.jpg

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How to become a fashion blogger

Here are some tips and practical tips from the finalists, Breakthrough Fashion Blogger.

Basics may have a negative connotation in recent years, but it is not shameful to seek advice on theoretically simple questions. In this post, returning to basics, we will guide you through the most common and important fashion and beauty concerns into the life.

Just start a fashion blog

For any creative project, it is sometimes difficult to sit down and start. We are often stuck in our heads, dreaming of ideas rather than realizing them. “I literally said during a brunch that I wanted to start a blog, and I went home and started it that night,” says Taye Hansberry of Stuff She Likes. WordPress and Squarespace are simple platforms to launch blog posts. If you want to go to the next level, you can seek advice from online strategists like Chloé Digital. The company suggested Maristella Gonzalez of A Constellation focus on the mission and aesthetics of her blog, which continues to help her create and create branded content.

Ashley Roiland.jpg
Photo: Courtesy of A Fashion Nerd

Visuals are important

What is the saying? With every successful fashion blogger, there is a great photographer? Since style blogs are becoming more and more profitable business, it’s also fashion blog photography. Hansberry suggests finding a pro via social media and choosing the one you’re linking the most with. Survivor On stilettos works with his photographer according to a schedule, chooses a day that works best for each one, then spends a few hours photographing different outfits, which takes about three to four new posts for her Blog creates. You could also do the DIY: When Amy Roiland of A Fashion Nerd has just started, she took all the pictures herself. “I took a tripod, went to the forest and filmed a complete picture,” she says.

Stay connected with blogger

Consistency with messages is of utmost importance when you start. Stay up to two or three times a week to post something new on your blog. Or if you feel ambitious, try to display every day, which will increase traffic. And do not guess for yourself if you click on the “Publish” button. “Something I would say two years ago that I know now is trust in my own work,” says Jannel Thérèse of Street Style Teller. “I have always been so skeptical to continue, and now I know what I can do.”

Maristella Gonzalez.jpg
Maristella Gonzalez

Create relationships with other bloggers

It may seem daunting to join the burgeoning field of personal fashion blogs, but building relationships with fellow bloggers can only flourish. To start, read Verburgt and leave comments on other blogger articles. “It’s good to communicate with other bloggers, you’re in the same boat,” says Jannel Thérèse, who often turns to his colleagues for their comments and advice. And always remember that interact with the fans of bloggers: If you like the style of a particular fashion blog (or find the aesthetic that resembles you), readers will probably also be attracted to your blog. Hansberry also suggests building your network beyond Blogger. “I do not think anyone should be counted,” she says. “Building relationships with someone who owns a shop, a publisher, your nail technician, you never know where it’s going.”

Photo: Courtesy of Street Style Teller.jpg
Jannel Therese of Street Style Teller

Choose conscious brand partnerships

Finally, to monetize your blog, you need to get closer to brands for advertising, partnerships, collaborations, etc.

Verburgt suggests creating a media kit for your blog. Another way to make the profit is to create affiliate links through programs like RewardStyle, although commissions vary. Roiland has launched the application FashionTap, a social network that allows users to upload affiliate images from Instagram. “Claiming” your blog on Bloglovin ‘can also bring compensation opportunities in addition to more followers.

However, be sure to choose wisely your sponsored content and your brand holidays and know your own value. Jannel Therese wants to follow Medine’s advice when she joins brands: “If a company wants to send you a product, be firm with what you want,” she says. “Ask them if they are looking for empty eyeballs or emotional resonance, empty eyeballs are just views on one side, and if the answer is emotional, they may be more willing to help you.”


Balance Your Blogging With Social Media

fashion blogs having a strong focus on visuals, it can be easy to post solely on Instagram. However, Gonzalez learned from Medine to see these platforms as opportunities for exclusive content and to take advantage of what each one has to offer. “You should never quit your blog because it’s the one thing you have 100% control over,” adds Gonzalez. Jannel Therese cross-promotes new blog posts on her Twitter and Instagram. Verburgt shares her posts on a slew of Facebook groups. The finalists suggest that you stay open to jumping on new platforms, too. Roiland joined Vine when it launched and gained a lot of readers because she was one of the few bloggers posting style-focused content.

Know that your blog will not be perfect

For blog link ‘awards, bloggers claim that their blog is not perfect “failed and fast fails,” Medine has a strong takeaway from their meeting with Theresece said, “To start the blog, must begin to have its own voice, but to know this It is necessary. ” “This is always a test and error. It will not be complete and I feel that it will never happen.” In essence, know your mistakes – no matter whether big or small – is always open to change. Gonzalez says, “Everything is dynamic and [your blog is very important for a very long life]”

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8 Things You Should Never Wear – Fashion Ideas

Go out with the garbage and with the class. With the end of winter, it is time to free your wardrobe of things too often worn by too many girls. This list contains items you should avoid wearing for the days when you strive to look good.

1. Jeggings




Go, girls. I know you’re better than the jeggings. At first, they were innovative. You must wear your PCs and jeans at the same time. But you can find a bad pair of jeans with a drawn zipper line and pockets a mile away. Better than jeggings and put on pants.

2. UGG boots


UGG boots


I will defend this statement until the day of my death: you are not in fashion when you wear these monstrosities. They were a bad idea in last few years, and they certainly are not a good idea now, especially when combined with shorts.

3. Longchamp bag


Longchamp bag


For those of you who think nylon is a super chic material, I’m sorry to say that. I understand that these durable bags contain everything you need for a full day’s course, but too many girls walk around with one hand in one hand and a thin latte in the other.

4. Everything with a high-low-hem


Everything with a high-low-hem


It was cool at first, but Billy Ray Cyrus must stop. I can not even go shopping without at least five of these “mermaid dresses” on the shelf. Either you decide on a cocktail length or a maxi dress – nothing in between.

5. Stack of friendship bracelets




Are you a schoolboy in the summer camp asleep? Born? Yes, that’s what I thought. These rainbow wool bracelets are young and they must stop ruining your outfits. How about a watch or an armband for adult women?

6. Cumbersome shoes

I’m guilty of owning them, but it’s time for me to throw my battered couple too. First of all, they are guys shoes. So, if you want to dress up as your husband, then do it. But if not, save these dock jumpers for men Vineyard Vine Wear.

7. Bandage dresses


Bandage dress



I want to wear exactly the same thing as every girl at the party – no fashionable girl has ever said. The bandage dresses became the uniform of the party clothes. There is nothing unique about her; You just look like an ASS bandage soaked in a first aid box in which you wrapped yourself. Yes, it accentuates our curves, but many of them can accentuate the wrong turns.

8. Sweatpants with words on the ass

Everyone had hit these neon sweatpants at school with the words “PINK” or “JUICY” on the back. The keywords in this sentence were: High School. Ladies, we are basically a step away from the professional world, it’s time to let go and toss the closet out of the days when our mothers were still driving us around.

I apologize if this list insults anyone, but it is for the good of all. I’m just trying to find my fashion colleagues. If you do not agree with my list, or if you have other things that people should stop wearing, comment on them below.